We can manufacture flashings in any  shape necessary. These can be provided in the same colour and coating as the roof panels.We also provide flashings and trims for any of your other projects. Please see the pictogram  for examples of custom flashing shapes. If you require bespoke flashings please send us request and specify on what side you need the coating, colour, dimensions and angles. This can be just a photo of a hand drawing, we will take it from there. We  produce flashings up to 2 meters long and 1.25 meters wide.


You can send us a simple bending schedule via email or the contact form. This bending schedule does not need to be professionally drawn, a handdrawn sketch will be sufficient for us.

The drawing should include :

  • Lengths of each section
  • Angles of the bend
  • Side of the coating/colour
  • Where you want a hem (if required)