Metal roof tiles are an universal roof coverage option, which can be easily used in all types of architecture.

Metal tiles are more and more popular with investors, both for new buildings and renovations, as their low weight is one of the advantages.
1 sqm of sheets weights approx 4kg, that is almost 10 times less than traditional roof tiles. This lightweight coverage neither burdens nor affects the structure of the construction, therefore it is possible to build with a lighter structure.

Designed to take the look of classic roof tiles, our own systems GERMANIA SIMETRIC, GERMAN SIMETRIC, DIAMENT, KINGAS, TALIA,  combine tradition with modernity. The very unique JANOSIK® and TYSENIA® tiles can give your building that special touch

metal roof tiles

Our fully automated production process allows for cutting sheets to the required lengths. Therefore we can cater for bespoke projects.

The large sheets also help to reduce installation time, lowering labour costs drastically.

We offer roof sheets in over ten colours, coated with the widest range of coatings on the market (polyester, PLADUR® EcoProtect thyssenkrupp, aluminium, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® TATA Steel)

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The roof is completed by our finishing elements, flashings, flat sheets, seals and fixing accessories.


PLADUR® ReliefWood.

Our JANOSIK metal shingles are an innovative product with unique design which we are very proud of.

It’s form, texture and appearance thoroughly resemble a wooden shingle. This effect has been achieved thanks to innovative technological solutions in our machine park and the development of a new base material.


Enigma  has been tailored to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding roofers. Thanks to its symmetry, it can be laid from left to right, from right to left, or arranged in a running bond pattern. The tile is available in most coatings offered by us. Thanks to stamping in the SPS system connected with Pladur ® Wrinkle Mat Plus coating, customers can receive up to 60 years of written warranty.



The traditional pattern of our Diamond Plus roof tiles contribute to the roof having a more characteristic look. This model was designed to minimise the amount of sheet waste.


The Roofing sheet KINGAS and KINGAS ECO PLUS are an elegant, light covering, standing out with its attractive design resembling waves.

It is suitable for all kinds houses, apartments and public buildings.


GERMAN and GERMANIA are our symmetric, modular roof tiles, that is loved by customers for its modern and attractive look, and by roofers for the ease of installation.

A great advantage of the GERMAN and GERMANIA tiles is its high-quality raw materials – We use steel from German steelworks Thyssen-krupp  Europe, a world leader in this sector. Made of the best material, the GERMAN and GERMANIA roofing sheets have an increased resistance to abrasion and soiling, as well as the highest anti corrosion resistance on the market.



The single-module roof sheet TYSENIA is a modern roof solution with exceptional visual effects.

The minimalist, strict look of roof sheet is in line with current architectonic trends and its flat shape guarantees universal application. TYSENIA is decorated by a sophisticated triple rib, while keeping a low  2,5 mm profile.

TYSENIA may be installed both as roof tiles and as an original cladding system.


TALIA  is a roof tile well known for its slender form. It is available in 30mm and as a new version, with a higher – 35 mm crease.

The new TALIA 35 still has the same beautiful shape, just with a reinforcement of the original crease, which offers new options for shaping large and small roofs.

An unconventional finishing of the lower edge, called a 3D finish, additionally enhances the aesthetics of this design.

We recommend combining TALIA with the SUPERIOR HB premium coating which is creating an exquisite visual effect.


ESTIMA – new, symmetrical flat tile, made of materials that guarantee quality and safety. Created for the most demanding customers, it is available in many colors and coatings. Depending on the choice of coating, the product a warranty spans up to 60 years.