These are the Question a lot of our customers ask us.





How much does it cost

This is probably the first  question to a lot of our customers. Unfortunatley it is tricky to answer in short, as this depends on a lot of variables.

which panels are used (Standing Seam is a more expensive roofing option than for example a tiled roofing Panel. The wider Panels are generally cheaper per m2) .

which coating is used longer warranties mean higher quality raw materials are used

what lengths are used Shorter Panels are easier to ship (as well as install) and lower the shipping costs.

On the example of Standing Seam Panels, we provide the most cost effective solutions currently available on the market making our Standing Seam around 50-60%cheaper compared to traditional Zinc. Another huge price advantage with all our roofing materials is, that it can be installed by yourself and/or a general builder eliminating the need of specialist trades in many occasions.




Can I Install it myself?

In short: Yes . All our systems are designed  to eliminate difficulties and streamlining the installation process in order to make it accessible to the general public. We are providing a wide range of Videos and Tutorials helping you on the way.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery

We do hold a large stock of our most popular items so in many cases, specially with smaller projects, delivery can be made within 7 days.

For larger projects and unusual Tiles/Colours/Coatings we usually have it produced within 20 days and shipped out to you within 30-40 days depending on schedules.

Are Specialist Tools required

This depends a little on how difficult your roof is and how deep you would like to dive into the art of Metal roofing. Generally our roofs can be installed with general DIY tools (cordless drill, Tin Snips, Jigsaw…) . In some situations it might come handy to have some extra roofing pliers or small bending(turnup) tools. Please see Tool guide for more details.

What are the lifespans of these roofs

With up to 60 years warranty , in reality these roofs will outlive all of us. Please see our coating section for details to different warranties

What is the difference between your Panels and a Zinc roof

Zinc roofs used to be one of the best solutions for metal roofing as they give customers a very long lifespan. As technology progressed over the last decades, cold rolled metal now is on a similar standard when it comes to lifespans, without the costs of a Zinc roof.

The advantage over Zinc roofs also is the variety of colours that our roofs can be produced in as well as the speed of installtion. With our SnapLOCK Standing Seam, the installation times are a fraction of traditional Zinc roofs.

What are the downsides of these Panels

Even though specially the StandingSeam system has many upsides (price, quality) , there are a few limitations.  Any curved roofs can not be provided from a Snaplock pre formed Panel, as curving the panels would destroy the snap lock mechanism and therefore make the panels unusable.




Is it going to be loud? I hear metal roofs are very noisy.

We have an article that goes into some details here:



How do i construct the Roof ? Where does insualtion and membranes go?

Best to check our Roof Build Up Page  for more details.

It is advisable to always have enough ventilation in your setup . Many roofs fail, not because of water damage from the outside , but because of water damage due to condensation. So when we advise our customers on the buildup for building envelopes, either cladding or roofing, the moto is:

Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation

Are all the flashings i need included in the quote

We  provide you all the parts you need to finish your roof. But as each roof is different (different eaves overhangs, different Fascia depths, different pitches …) it is near enough impossible to provide a kit that fits everybody.

It also depends on how many parts you want – some customers are happy to have no soffit flashings, other want those .

All our Quotes include a rundown of the parts that are included and you can find a list of standard flashings in our flashings page.

If you would like any different shapes or widths, that will accomodate for your specific measurements, you can get any flashings custom made.

You can also find some Installation details about flashings in our BLOG


How do i do Step XYZ

We are trying to give you a very wide knowledge base in order to find each step described . Please check all Instalaltion manuals and our Video section , as well as our BLOG to find the answers for your specific problem. If you can not find it, feel free to get in touch so we can help out further

Is there help available if i get stuck while Installing

Even though we are trying to answer most questions via our website and Youtube channel – sometimes it happens that our customers get stuck with a new/unique problem. We are always available to help in those situations .

I dont want to Install myself, what are my options?

Even though our Click system is extremely straigh forward to understand and install, some of our customers do not feel capable doing it themselves. We do have recommended Installers all over the UK and can recommend someone near you that will be suitable to finish the job on a high standard.


I have a technical question. Do you have a department dealing with this?

Even though we are trying to answer most of the technical questions via our FAQ

section , there are sometimes parts that you cant find or that are simply not available on the website.

All our team has years of  experience in construction on the practical as well as the theoretical side, so just get in touch and we will  certainly be able to help.

What exactly are the specs of Panel XYZ

You can find all spec sheets of each panel under technical details 

Should there be a Panel or part you are interested in without a spec sheet in our technical section, please let us know.

We are architects and not sure how to specify your materials

You can find a lot of  DWG files in the Technical section of our website. Should you need any help with this , please get in touch and you will be speaking to somebody with a technical understanding of the entire system.

Can i get insurance with LABC or NHBC when using your products

Yes. As  Standing Seam and Metal roofs (as well as cladding) are classed as a “material” and not as a “system” – there is no problem with that.  Just like you can Install wooden cladding with any timber available without this having to come from a specific sawmill – metal roofing materials are an acceptable roof covering material as long as the basic principles of installing metal roofs are followed.

Similar to a timber cladding/facade – where any timber can be used as long as it is back vented and installed to best practise established by building control , it is the same  with metal roofs.


I was told to Install a Zinc roof / Planning permission was given for a Zinc roof/ Architects specified a Zinc roof


The name “Zinc roof” is not really a specification of any shape but more a specifiaction of a type of metal . But in reality the name “Zinc Roof” is most of the time used in place for Standing Seam.

In this case any Standing Seam Roof is acceptable to the Planners/Architects and we are more than happy to liaise with them to clarify this.

Our Standing Seam is often chosen as a replacement for Zinc Roofs as the warranties are similar and the price of MetalS tanding Seam Roofs is much more competitive compared to Zinc . On top of that , installation is much faster and easier and does not rquire specialist contractors on site.