Buying and installing a metal roof – what are the costs?

The first question most buyers ask themselves and subsequently the most important question to answer for us is:


A metal roof can consist of different materials, for example copper, aluminum zinc or sheet steel.
All of these nowadays also exist as composite materials (e.g. 50% zinc, 50% aluminium ).
There are also a wide range of coatings to protect and influence the appearance of the roof available.
The build quality and the design also influence the price.
So what costs can you expect?

Important factors for metal roof costs

Each metal has its own market value, which can rise or fall: For this reason, all prices are purely guide values.
In addition, the design of the goods and the number of sheets influence the costs of a metal roof.

Specific prices: metal roof costs at a glance

The costs of a high-quality metal roof are between £30 and £200 per square meter. This price includes the assembly, but without additional work.

Galvanised steel sheets and steel sheets generally are in the lower end, while copper roofs form the upper end of the price range. For example, a titanium zinc sheet can be purchased for a medium price (around £40/sqm).

Coloured anodised aluminum is often used as a material for metal roofs as well. The costs for those are around £ 25/sqm.


Some additional work and materials are usually added to the final price. This includes, for example, the design of the flashing kits and the installation of a roof gutter system.

The creation of supporting battens or formwork (the sub roof) is also necessary for attaching a metal roof, and this also incurs costs.
There are advantages in the long run using higher end materials in the sub structure.

Don’t buy at scrap price!

Bargain prices of 2 to 6£ per square meter of metal roof give reason to be very careful: the scrap price for some metals is around 2£ !

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